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Greedy government employees refuse to admit that health problems increase with age

In a major extortion racket of government employees, especially security agency employees, professionals, and investors from poorer communities are falsely labelled a security threat for saving some money for their old age, and the government agencies are stealing the savings of the professionals without a court order or legally valid reason.
The well paid government employees are getting a very good salary, bribes, pension after retirement, they refuse to admit private citizens only have their savings to help them in their old age. after the age of 40, it is often difficult to get any paid work in india, so the citizen has to rely on the savings for daily expenses, housing travel,medicine.
Additionally after the age of 50, the health problems are also increasing very rapidly, just the wrong posture while sleeping can cause severe shoulder pain, making it difficult to lift the arm, so additional medicine is required increasing the expenses.