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Lazer Scheiner

Retired electricity board employee murdered by home nurse

The domain investor cannot maintain the house well, because she cannot find reliable household help
Yet the fact is that finding reliable household help is difficult, a 70 year old Retired electricity board employee Chiplunkar was murdered by his home nurse Pappu Gawli using a knife in his house in Jogeshwari, Mumbai and his wife Supriya was injured
The senior citizen faced a problem walking so they had hired a home nurse to help him, take him for walking.
The home nurse found that the the senior citizen had Rs19 lakh bank balance and plenty of jewellery at home, so he thought that he could steal the jewelry, cash and become rich. He first attacked the wife on her neck, and when the husband came to help her he killed the husband.
The wife raised the alarm, so he fled the house and was caught at Dadar railway station. The wife Supriya is now hospitalized in Nanavati hospital, recovering from her injuries

Greedy government employees refuse to admit that health problems increase with age

In a major extortion racket of government employees, especially security agency employees, professionals, and investors from poorer communities are falsely labelled a security threat for saving some money for their old age, and the government agencies are stealing the savings of the professionals without a court order or legally valid reason.
The well paid government employees are getting a very good salary, bribes, pension after retirement, they refuse to admit private citizens only have their savings to help them in their old age. after the age of 40, it is often difficult to get any paid work in india, so the citizen has to rely on the savings for daily expenses, housing travel,medicine.
Additionally after the age of 50, the health problems are also increasing very rapidly, just the wrong posture while sleeping can cause severe shoulder pain, making it difficult to lift the arm, so additional medicine is required increasing the expenses.

Santa Cruz businessman Kamalkant shah allegedly slow poisoned by wife

Indicating that relationships are extremely risky in India and it is difficult to even trust family members if the relationships are not,a woman kajal shah along with her lover hitesh jain allegedly poisoned her husband kamalkant shah, a garment businessman in Santa Cruz according to media reports. Instead of killing him suddenly which would make people suspicious, she used slow poisoning to kill her husband.The poisons were allegedly procured from a chemical dealer and mixed in the flavored milk, coconut and other food which she gave her husband. he also allegedly killed her mother-in-law similarly
Initially the doctors at Criticare Hospital could not diagnose the problem, so shah was admitted to Bombay Hospital. Doctors were shocked that his organs were failing, so blood poisoning was suspected. The blood tests indicated that he was being slowly poisoned since the arsenic and thallium levels in his blood were very high. So though the poisoning was detected in September, the hospital could not do anything about it and kamalkant shah die of multiple organ failure on September 19.
However since the doctors suspected poisoning they reported the death to the police who called all the family members to ask them whether they had any suspicion. While the wife was evasive the sister Kavita Lalwani told the police that their relationship was strained and his mother had died a month earlier of similar symptoms. After the death of kamalkant shah, his wife immediately sold the bhiwandi office to collect the money, and was collecting the insurance money from his policies, when the police arrested her.
Times of India has reported the name of the wife as kajal shah, while hindustan times report said that the wife’s name was kavita. This indicates that there is a problem with the quality of media reporting, that reputed newspapers are mentioning different names for the same woman. Similarly there is some difference in the age of the husband, wife.
This shows that it is not advisable to trust a person who shows any signs of hostility, they may kill, like the case of shraddha walkar, aftab poonawala also showed. The police claim that Kajal Shah wanted to grab the property of her husband, so she poisoned him. So it always advisable not to eat food given by someone who is not trusted,

Memory robbery causes insomnia at night

Though the greedy government employees faking domain ownership are not even interested in purchasing domains or computers for the last 12 years, they continue with their CYBERCRIME of stealing the memory of the real domain investor to make fake claims and get government salaries without doing any kind of computer work, causing insomnia to the real domain investor in a clear case of human rights abuses.
The domain investor can feel the waves which are used to steal her memory, denying her the fundamental right to equality, since the government agencies refuse to get a court order for ROBBING the memory of a harmless single woman engineer since 2010, while those who steal the data, cybercriminals like goan gsb fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro are getting monthly government salaries as reward for CYBERCRIME,SLANDER, FAKE RUMORS.

Cunning masterminds of well planned government slavery racket ruthless in ridiculing the government slave who has no time to exercise

The 2017 reddit post on regarding government slavery, resume theft by a person the domain investor does not know, indicated a well planned government slavery racket in india, of cheating, exploiting, robbing hardworking indian paypal account holders, investors by destroying their credibility while refusing to acknowledge their skills, work ethic, time spent.
To cover up the government resume theft of engineers with a good JEE rank to get government jobs for relatives, friends of top officials with the stolen resume of the domain investor, the domain was banned in india since 2017
In addition to spreading fake malicious stories about the hardworking citizen, the cunning masterminds of the government slavery racket are also ridiculing the appearance of the government slave, even though they are aware that the citizen who they have enslaved, does not have the time, to exercise regularly because the government is forcing some citizens, especially older single women to work long hours so that the sugar babies, friends and relatives of top officials can get government salaries only for faking bank account, online income
Additional the stress, frustration of the government slavery victim leads to overeating and weight gain while domain fraudster government employees enjoy

cancer misdiagnosis has become a thriving business in India

Message received from Sangeeta Gupta, who posted at
Sangeeta Gupta
After two chemotherapy sessions, I was told that I didn’t have cancer in the first place. I was perfectly healthy when I walked into the hospital. I was discharged as a very sick woman. X, cancer misdiagnosis has become a thriving business in India. I paid Rs. 35,000 per session to be confined to a hospital bed where I lost my hair, weight and most of all, my hope. Sign my petition so that ordinary citizens don’t get looted by people who give wrong reports on something as serious as Cancer.

Now everyone in India is following the footsteps of powerful government employees who make mistakes, make fake allegations without any kind of proof, to destroy the life of innocent citizens including the domain investor

Two rabies deaths reported in Kerala even after vaccination

Only those who have plenty of money like bull dog owning goan bhandari raw employee scammer sunaina chodan have the time and money to keep pet dogs. One of the major risks of keeping a pet dog is rabies

From reddit

Two persons have so far died in the state after taking the full course of the anti-rabies vaccine, a development that has sent health authorities into a tizzy.

In the first incident, a 19-year-old girl in Palakkad died a month after taking a full course of the anti-rabies vaccine due to a dog bite.

In the second incident, 53-year-old Chandrika, a resident of Kozhikode passed away a month after taking the vaccine.

Chandrika was bitten by a stray dog last month following which she took the full course of the anti-rabies vaccine. Things appeared to be fine till she complained of uneasiness earlier this month and was admitted to the Kozhikode Medical College hospital.

After ten days of treatment, she passed away on Saturday

Tiktok star, BJP leader Sonali Phogat dies in Goa allegedly of heart attack

The media posted the news of how haryana Tiktok star, BJP leader Sonali Phogat died in Goa allegedly of heart attack on August 22/23 , 2022. The body was kept at St Anthony’s hospital and research centre in Anjuna, Goa after she felt uneasy. She was only 42 years old, and her husband had died under mysterious circumstances in 2016.
While the mainstream media carried news that it was a heart attack, a reddit user gritty-badger claimed that the death was due to cocaine. This shows how the mainstream media is covering up the negative news. Goa is notorious for its party and drug culture, and every year young people, often tourists die under mysterious circumstances after attending rave parties and similar events
Usually younger women do not die of heart attack, due to biological factors, so the allegations of cocaine use may be true. Many of those who die of drug overdose are tourists like Sonali Phogat visiting goa on a holiday.

Disposible vapes being used extensively for stress relief

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Many users are preferring vape pens using a hybrid indica Delta-8 strain, since it also has some of the stimulation provided by the Sativa variant. Bubble gum OG is one of the most popular indica dominant strains obtained by cross breeding Bubble Gum with Kush OG. In addition to the relaxing effect to reduce anxiety and stress, it also popular for the high it provides. The premium vape pen contains one gram of Bubblegum OG Delta-8 strain, which has a berry bubble gum, sweet, fruity and creamy flavor. The cherry pie is another indica-dominant hybrid delta 8 strain, which reduces anxiety, stress, and also provides a balanced high, which can be used in different applications. The disposable vape has 1 g of fluid with a cherry berry sweet flavor.
Some users who prefer the Sativa Delta-8 strain due to the relaxing effect it provides, can opt for Blue dream premium delta-8 vape pens since the one gram of vape fluid has a berry pine sweet herbal flavor

Singer KK dies of cardiac arrest after a performance in Kolkatta

The popular singer KK , Krishnakumar Kunnath died of a cardiac arrest after a performance in Kolkatta at the age of 53
The sudden death got a lot of media coverage
Initially foul play was suspected, later it was confirmed that he had a heart attack due to blocked arteries
Though he was suffering from pain, he had taken antacids, he did not have a proper medical checkup
Performing as an artist is fairly stressful, especially if the performer is visiting multiple cities