Lack of nutritious food , starvation may cause more health problems than coronavirus

With all shops in panaji, goa closed for more than one week (except for a few hours) since March 22 , 2020, the stock of food people have in their home is running low.
There is also no information on the availability of food, or home delivery services
In the united states , though there are more than 100,000 cases, the residents can still go to the supermarket and purchase food, since the government realizes that people can also die, get health problems from starvation, the coronavirus is not the only cause of health problems
However, the goa government is in denial of the health problem caused by starvation, lack of nutritious fresh food.

Mamta Banerjee claims that TMC leaders Tapas Paul, Sultan Ahmed died of heart attack due to harassment of central agencies

Rediff reported that Mamta Banerjee claims that TMC leaders Tapas Paul, Sultan Ahmed died of heart attack due to harassment of central agencies. This exposes one of the most common techniques used by the central government agencies to harass citizens, and kill them or ruin their health, which the indian mainstream media does not cover
For example, ntro, raw, cbi, security agencies are aware that slim goan bhandari CALL GIRL sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, riddhi nayak caro, nayanshree hathwar, indore robber deepika, asmita patel, gujju school dropout naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, her lazy fraud sons nikhil, karan, ruchika kinge and other fraud raw/cbi employees are not paying for any domain, do not control any domain
Yet only to HARASS, DEFAME, HUMILIATE and EXPLOIT the real domain investor, these shameless LIAR ntro, raw, cbi, security agencies with the help of fraud companies like google, tata are duping companies, countries and people with their lies for the last ten years to get all these frauds monthly salaries
In most countries, the intelligence and security agency employees have realized that the indian government agencies are LIARS, making fake claims about domain ownership, yet the indian agencies are shameless they continue with their domain ownership fraud.
So the domain investor is wasting a lot of her time and money fighting the domain ownership fraud of the well paid LIAR indian government employees which causes a lot of mental stress

Indian governments makes EFILING compulsory, yet when citizens spend time online for efiling, they are CRIMINALLY DEFAMED as internet addicts, mentally unsound

The indian government has made EFILING compulsory for gst and income tax returns, yet when citizens spend time online for efiling, they are CRIMINALLY DEFAMED as internet addicts, mentally unsound, especially if they are domain investors

Other than efiling, the domain investor does not spend much time online in the last few months, yet the government employees are closely monitoring the time the domain investor spends online for EFILING, and then falsely claiming that she is mentally unsound, when she is only completing her legal obligations\

Indicating the lack of honesty and humanity in the indian government, the well paid shameless LIAR FRAUD government employees CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the domain investor, refuse to acknowledge the fact that the domain investor is efiling only because the government has made it compulsory and refuse to stop their CRIMINAL DEFAMATION.

Looba Escorts takes pity on ugly hardworking domain investor criminally defamed as mentally unsound by google,tata, ntro to avoid paying CALL GIRLS fees for sex services

Indian internet, IT companies involved in the biggest WORK AT HOME FRAUD in the world, hacking laptops of ugly private citizens and then making fake claims about computer work to get their relatives, associates government jobs, while the private citizen is criminally defamed as mentally unsound, lazy idle person

Google, tata, indian it and internet companies show their complete lack of humanity, honesty criminally defaming the person doing the computer work,as a idle, mentally unsound person, and the call girls tata supplies to ntro employees for sex like sunaina chodan, siddhi and other young frauds who do no computer work at all, do not have any online income, as being computer, online experts , owning the paypal, bank account of the person who actually doing the computer work,
Indicating the complete lack of ethics in the indian IT and internet sector, the person who is actually doing all the computer work, spending 8-10 hours daily, is criminally defamed as a idle person, mentally unsound to rob everything from the hardworking person who is working like a slave

Initially the intelligence and security agencies worldwide blindly believed in the complete lies of the powerful ntro, raw, cbi employees who made fake claims about domain ownership, yet after 10 years, it is clear that raw/cbi employees do not control the domain names, mainly because they do not pay for them, yet the indian and state governments continue to make fake claims about its lazy liar employees falsely claiming that the ugly domain investor is mentally unsound .

The open discrimination against older ugly single women of the indian and state governments has become extremely famous worldwide, that ugly women are criminally defamed in India by government agencies only because they are not good looking .Now Israeli escort agency Looba escorts has taken pity on the ugly older single woman, advertising their beautiful escorts on this website and other websites on the network

The well paid Indian government employees who enjoy the company of beautiful women, should check the Looba escorts website, they have photos of many beautiful escorts whose services government employees can enjoy instead of wasting indian taxpayer money, harassing hardworking ugly older indian women and defaming them as mentally unsound only because they are ugly.
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24 hours escorts advertises again to get the attention of NARCISSITIC SOCIOPATH ntro employee mhow cheater puneet and his fake healthcare stories

One of the biggest frauds in the indian internet sector is how the indian and state governments are blindly believing the complete lies of the NARCISSITIC SOCIOPATH ntro employee mhow cheater puneet and his fake healthcare stories to justify the identity theft of hardworking harmless single women domain investors and get his good looking sugar babies raw/cbi jobs with monthly salaries without doing any work.
The mhow cheater puneet’s addiction to escort services is well known worldwide, there have forum posts also. He is also closely monitoring the healthcare blogs of his victims try to find more excuses to justify his endless atrocities.

Hence 24 hours escorts has advertised again with its websites having photos of many beautiful women.

NCP MLAs have the right to protest against the misuse of their name, women engineers with a good JEE rank who protest have their mental health questioned

NCP MLAs have the right to protest against the misuse of their name, women engineers with a good JEE rank have no right to protest against misuse of name
NCP MLAs have the right to protest against the misuse of their name, to form a government in Mahastra and the media will carry the news of the protest.
Some of them were also tricked into coming to Raj Bhavan for the swearing in ceremony to indicate their support, when they did not even know where they were being taken. Only when they realized what was happening they were shocked and walked out.

On the other hand, when harmless hardworking single women engineers with a good JEE rank have no right to protest against misuse of name by ntro employees who hate them and have never contacted them for the last 26 years.
If the woman engineer will protest against the misuse of her name the government is falsely labelling her a security threat and questioning her mental health, in a clear case of double standards of the indian government and society

Like Ajit Pawar misused the name of NCP MLA’s to become deputy CM, the NTRO employees are misusing the name of the single woman engineer, domain investor they HATE to get promotions and good postings, raw/cbi jobs for their SUGAR BABIES and sons
Like Ajit Pawar was the head of legislative party and had all the signatures, the NTRO employees are also given great powers by the government regarding the identity of the domain investors in india, which they are misusing .

Most mental health professionals would agree that the NTRO employee j srinivasan is a sociopath, exploiting others without any guilt

Any professional person will agree that NTRO employee j srinivasan is a Sociopath making fake claims that his sugar babies bengaluru housewife nayanshree hathwar, goan bhandari call girl sunaina chodan, who have no online income, no online investment are domain investors, writing experts, to get them raw jobs, criminally defaming, cheating and exploiting his btech 1993 ee classmate who he hated to get career help from the powerful relatives of nayanshree hathwar like kodancha, hathwar, sunaina chodan like pritesh chodankar

J srinivasan is aware that raw employees nayanshree hathwar, sunaina chodan are not doing any computer work at all, nayanshree hathwar is only cooking, housekeeping in bengaluru, yet he is making fake claims EXPLOITING, criminally defaming his btech 1993 ee classmate, who is spending a lot of her time and money doing computer work, paying for domains after hacking the laptops and other gadgets of his engineering classmate who he hates

In india there are many writers on iwriter and with direct clients like daniel webar, domain investors and ntro employees do not falsely claim that their sugar babies own the iwriter account, domains. The domain investor, engineer is a stranger to the ntro employees, she has not interacted with them for the last 26 years, and does not have any contact details also. Hence like other fraud victims, she is very angry that the indian, goan, karnataka government is falsely claiming that j srinivasan’s sugar babies,. nayanshree hathwar and sunaina chodan, who are not doing any computer work, own her bank account, domains

Yet instead of honestly admitting that LIAR NTRO employee j srinivasan is a Sociopath making fake claims to boost his career EXPLOITING his harmless classmate who he hates and sending him for a mental checkup, indian government questions patriotism, health of his victim, encouraging j srinivasan to abuse his powers, and ruin the reputation of India further.

Though the indian government is defaming the whistleblowers as mentally unsound, slowly foreign companies and organizations like Moody’s are realizing that the whistleblowers complaining are telling the truth, it is the harsh reality of living in India. For example, if any raw employee was actually paying for a domain, they would control it and also control the content. Yet though no raw/cbi employee pays the domain expenses, the indian government continues its domain ownership fraud

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Kindly note that ntro, raw, cbi employees and their associates are not associated with the website in any way since they do not pay any domain expenses at all, though the indian and state governments especially goa, madhya pradesh, karnataka government are making fake claims DUPING domain registries, registrars and ICANN in a major DOMAIN, FINANCIAL FRAUD for the last 10 years allegedly bribed by google, tata to increase the profit of these companies.

Cosmetic dentistry writeup

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In addition to general dentistry, the dental clinic also offers teeth whitening services for clients who wish to get their teeth whitened. Many people have stains on their teeth after eating some foods and this adversely affects their appearance. Hence many people are opting for teeth whitening. Veneers and laminates are another option used by many to improve their smile. These veneers are a thin shell of porcelain which can be used to cover the teeth and improve their shape. They are usually preferred since no tooth structure has to be removed to fix the veneers in place.

While some people have teeth which are perfectly aligned, many people have crooked, misaligned or protruding teeth. While earlier metal braces were used for aligning teeth, they are cumbersome. Hence many children, teenagers and older people are opting to use invisalign to get their teeth properly aligned. The dentist will use the latest computerized dental technology to create a three dimensional image of the patients mouth and teeth. Then plastic braces will be made which will gradually move to the teeth slowly back to their desired position. These plastic braces will be replaced with a new set periodically till the teeth are well aligned.

The dental clinic is using the latest technology in dental care to ensure that their patients get the best possible treatment for preventing dental problems and also cosmetic dentistry. They believe in providing their patients all the information they require so that the patient can make the right choice. Ensuring that the patient is comfortable is a top priority for the dental clinic. The clinic offers a relaxing atmosphere for its customers and uses oral sedation techniques to make the dental treatment pleasant. The dental clinic aims to build long term lasting relations with their patients by offering the best possible treatment.

Unlike odissa, goa government causes insomnia to writers after they receive iwriter payment

Indicating the terrible business conditions, high levels of corruption, nepotism, human rights abuses in goa, government agencies are so ruthless in harassing writers, causing them insomnia, whenever they receive iwriter payment, falsely claiming that the writer is involved in some illegal activities, while taking bribes from sex service providers like gujju housewife naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh..

Daniel webar, iwriter account 136312 from rengali, odissa appears to be fairly happy with life, he is not complaining anywhere
On the other hand a writer living in panaji, goa , iwriter account 137870 is complaining bitterly about the endless frauds on her in the iwriter profile and elsewhere
She is also not allowed to sleep at night whenever she receives any iwriter payment, because the corrupt LIAR BRIBE TAKING security agency employees are bribed to harass her that night, by the various google,tata sponsored FRAUD/LIAR raw/cbi employees who are falsely claiming to own her iwriter, paypal, and bank account in a clear case of government fraud

Before trying to attract new investment, the goa government should end the atrocities on existing businesses in goa by the CORRUPT LIAR BRIBE TAKING intelligence and security agency employees

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