Retired electricity board employee murdered by home nurse

The domain investor cannot maintain the house well, because she cannot find reliable household help
Yet the fact is that finding reliable household help is difficult, a 70 year old Retired electricity board employee Chiplunkar was murdered by his home nurse Pappu Gawli using a knife in his house in Jogeshwari, Mumbai and his wife Supriya was injured
The senior citizen faced a problem walking so they had hired a home nurse to help him, take him for walking.
The home nurse found that the the senior citizen had Rs19 lakh bank balance and plenty of jewellery at home, so he thought that he could steal the jewelry, cash and become rich. He first attacked the wife on her neck, and when the husband came to help her he killed the husband.
The wife raised the alarm, so he fled the house and was caught at Dadar railway station. The wife Supriya is now hospitalized in Nanavati hospital, recovering from her injuries