Now R&AW employee sunaina’s boyfriend is suffering from insomnia

One of the reason why the domain investor has been complaining very loudly about the ntro employees, is because they were misusing her name, using her as a honeypot, and all their enemies were attacking her causing health and other problems, when she was not getting any benefit at all and were also not connected to her in any way at all.

Now it appears that after spending many hours and years complaining loudly about the ntro employees, and their relationship fraud on her , finally most people have realized the j srinivasan, puneet j’s real girlfriend is slim goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan, and the domain investor is a powerless citizen, whose name was misused. These enemies realized that they are helping the cunning liar j srinivasan, puneet when they attack the domain investor, so now they are leaving her alone

So now it appears that now R&AW employee sunaina’s boyfriend is attacked by j srinivasan’s enemies, and suffering from insomnia. He was waiting for sunaina to come out of the house, so that he could drop her to the office in patto plaza on March 27, 2019. It appears that he did not get any sleep at all, at night so when he was waiting on the scooter outside sunaina’s house, he had put his head down and was trying to get some sleep at around 6.10 pm