My Cat Keeps His Food Down Now

After reading an Iams sensitive stomach cat food review online, I decided to give it a try. My cat definitely possesses a sensitive stomach, or at least that’s what we keep telling ourselves as we’re racing to try and get him off the carpet before he vomits on it again. That hacking sound he makes works better than any alarm clock every invented. I’ve popped up out of bed from a deep sleep because my mind heard the sound even though I was asleep. It’s definitely a weekly event, sometimes it happens every few days. I feel for the little guy.

I’ve done a lot to try and solve the problem. Even the veterinarian couldn’t really help with the issue other than to suggest we try different types of food and maybe mix a bit of oil in with it so it helps soothe his stomach. The oil helped but didn’t work. Changing food didn’t help until I read that review and decided to give it a try. I’ve heard of Iams before and even used some of their other blends in the past with previous pets. They make a good product that my pets always loved.

So I went out and got a bag of the food and started slowly weaning my cat off his previous diet and onto the new food. You have to do this because the sudden change will induce a lot more vomiting. By the time he started eating the Iams full time, I suddenly realized he hadn’t been throwing up for some time. I checked some of his hiding places just in case, and there wasn’t any vomit anywhere. He seems enjoy the food a lot, too, so the taste is an important part of making him better. I’m definitely sticking to Iams from here on out.