The House Will Be Ready by Spring

It was a real mess when we bought the place, that was the only reason that we could afford it. It would not have made any sense for us if we had not had the means to fix it up on our own, although that takes time and money. Today we called up ADT in Denver and got them to give us a quote on a security system, but that is a lot more complicated than you might think. They can give you the basics, which is really not much more than the motion sensors I suppose. I know that I have worked at places which had nothing more than that, these just tell you if someone has opened the doors or the windows. Of course we had to rig the one on the loading dock door so that it could not be moved so easily apart.

One day we went home because it was snowing like crazy, but the UPS driver came along and tried to pull the loading dock door open, which separated those two things enough so that the alarm went off. The alarm company called us and one of us had to go back and turn it off. Obviously we fixed that door so it would not go up even a little unless we wanted it to go up, That was about ten years ago and now you could do all of this stuff through a smart phone app. You would have a video camera probably and that would tell you that the UPS driver was not trying to break in the place. You could in fact unlock the door for the driver and tell him to leave your stuff inside the door. You can do all sorts of things, but you have to be willing to pay for it.