Monthly Archiv: April, 2020

Indian government notorious worldwide for declaring hardworking intelligent citizens mentally unsound

Though the indian mainstream media does not have the honesty and humanity to cover the harsh reality of living in India, it appears that the Indian government is notorious worldwide for declaring hardworking intelligent citizens mentally unsound, with government agencies ruthless in committing human rights abuses, financial fraud and other atrocities.
This attitude leads to brain drain from india,

Though china is not a democracy like india, even the chinese are aware of the fact that hardworking indian citizens are victims of atrocities of the ruthless greedy shameless indian government agencies, forcing them to leave the country, and work in america
This was confirmed by the quora answer
Why is China much larger and more-developed than India economically but there are far more Indian CEOs in the US and the technology industry than Chinese CEOs?
Answered by Jiangjun Ling, August 9, 2019, Lives in China
The world’s 20 largest Internet technology companies, 11 in the United States and 9 in China, that’s the answer!
Excellent Indian talents for American technology enterprises, excellent Chinese talents for Chinese technology enterprises!

The problem is particularly severe in the indian internet sector, where the raw, cbi, ntro, are openly involved in great financial fraud, human rights abuses for the last ten years.