Monthly Archiv: December, 2019

Looba Escorts takes pity on ugly hardworking domain investor criminally defamed as mentally unsound by google,tata, ntro to avoid paying CALL GIRLS fees for sex services

Indian internet, IT companies involved in the biggest WORK AT HOME FRAUD in the world, hacking laptops of ugly private citizens and then making fake claims about computer work to get their relatives, associates government jobs, while the private citizen is criminally defamed as mentally unsound, lazy idle person

Google, tata, indian it and internet companies show their complete lack of humanity, honesty criminally defaming the person doing the computer work,as a idle, mentally unsound person, and the call girls tata supplies to ntro employees for sex like sunaina chodan, siddhi and other young frauds who do no computer work at all, do not have any online income, as being computer, online experts , owning the paypal, bank account of the person who actually doing the computer work,
Indicating the complete lack of ethics in the indian IT and internet sector, the person who is actually doing all the computer work, spending 8-10 hours daily, is criminally defamed as a idle person, mentally unsound to rob everything from the hardworking person who is working like a slave

Initially the intelligence and security agencies worldwide blindly believed in the complete lies of the powerful ntro, raw, cbi employees who made fake claims about domain ownership, yet after 10 years, it is clear that raw/cbi employees do not control the domain names, mainly because they do not pay for them, yet the indian and state governments continue to make fake claims about its lazy liar employees falsely claiming that the ugly domain investor is mentally unsound .

The open discrimination against older ugly single women of the indian and state governments has become extremely famous worldwide, that ugly women are criminally defamed in India by government agencies only because they are not good looking .Now Israeli escort agency Looba escorts has taken pity on the ugly older single woman, advertising their beautiful escorts on this website and other websites on the network

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24 hours escorts advertises again to get the attention of NARCISSITIC SOCIOPATH ntro employee mhow cheater puneet and his fake healthcare stories

One of the biggest frauds in the indian internet sector is how the indian and state governments are blindly believing the complete lies of the NARCISSITIC SOCIOPATH ntro employee mhow cheater puneet and his fake healthcare stories to justify the identity theft of hardworking harmless single women domain investors and get his good looking sugar babies raw/cbi jobs with monthly salaries without doing any work.
The mhow cheater puneet’s addiction to escort services is well known worldwide, there have forum posts also. He is also closely monitoring the healthcare blogs of his victims try to find more excuses to justify his endless atrocities.

Hence 24 hours escorts has advertised again with its websites having photos of many beautiful women.