Monthly Archiv: August, 2018

Fraud ntro employee parmar realized his premika school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina lacked stamina compared to the google competitor

In 2017, the Fraud ntro employee parmar and his gujju identity theft gang, were still overconfident of stealing the identity of the engineer, google competitor as part of their contract with google. However they realized that one of their main problems was that his premika school dropout naina lacked stamina compared to the google competitor.
Since the engineer has no one to help her, has very less money because of ntro’s banking fraud and is tortured even when taking driving lessons, the google competitor, engineer is forced to walk long distances. While this adversely affects the social status in panaji, goa, it also helps improve the stamina. The stamina of the engineer in walking long distances was noted by others also when the engineer spent some time in porvorim in 2017, walking to the bus stop

So in 2017, when the engineer came back to panaji, goa, she found that the gujju housewife naina was taking a walk in the evening as her powerful lover ntro employee parmar, may have told to take a walk and improve her stamina. However in 2018, the gujju identity theft gang is satisfied with the cbi salary she is getting without doing any work at all, without investing any money at the expense of the engineer, the school dropout cbi employee remains in the house almost all 24 hours does not even go out for a walk.