Repeatingly questioning mental fitness

The harassment techniques of the indian intelligence agencies, CBI, NTRO are worth documenting because they are extremely cunning in their methods. The real reason why CBI, NTRO do not want a domain investor to install wordpress blogs, because the chances of making money from the wordpress blog are far higher than a static website. These ntro, cbi employees freelancing for google, tata have been told that their freelance work involved ensuring that the domain investor does not make any money from the domain names, makes losses.
So to frighten the domain investor, create an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty, discourage the domain investor, every time a wordpress blog will be installed, they will intercept the phone calls, and repeatedly ask the question “How are you” as though they are questioning the mental fitness, sanity of the person as though installing the wordpress blog is making the domain investor insane.
It is a game that these cunning selfish greedy ntro/cbi/raw employees are repeatedly playing to cause losses to a google competitor. However after suffering great losses for the last 6 years, the google competitor has realized that these irrational raw/cbi/ntro employees will never be able to justify or defend their lies in an open debate, why it is considered a problem only in India, not in other countries like Turkey, Indonesia , Japan.