Medical evidence indicates that Sushant singh rajput’s death was due to strangulation, not hanging

Though the mainstream media has largely reported Sushant singh rajput’s death as suicide by hanging, there are many posts on quora which indicate that his death was due to strangulation, not hanging
In addition to the room height calculation in another website, according to the quora poster, the marks on the neck were of a nylon rope, not the curtain which was allegedly found around his neck
also if a person will die by hanging, his eyes will popout, and tongue comes out, and these signs were not found in rajput’s corpse.

yet in india, though medical evidence proves otherwise, there is no end to government fraud and engineers from top colleges are getting raw/cbi jobs for call girls half their age, school dropout sex service providers, falsely claiming that these women, were their engineering classmates from india’s top engineering college to get them raw/cbi jobs
It would be interesting to find out if the death is hushed up as a suicide, or Sushant singh rajput’s family fights to ensure that he gets justice, his name is cleared