Payment for dialysis services not released for Dr Venkatesh for more than a decade

While the popular newspapers like Herald, Navhind times, covered the assault case on the director of health services for only a day, the goan observer had a very detailed article on the problems faced by Dr Venkatesh in goa.
It appears that he was very severely injured, his leg was fractured and he was hospitalized for a longer period of time , indicating very severe injuries. The director of health services was discharged after a few stitches. The attack again highlighted the extremely high levels of corruption and nepotism in goa.
He said that despite using the latest technology to provide dialysis to patients at a low cost, his funds were not released for more than a decade, due to which he had to sell his house, and also take a loan against his house.

He said that the goan government was releasing funds to other private hospitals which were charging Rs 3000 for dialysis, and though he was charging only Rs 1000, his payment was not released, allegedly because he was not paying the bribes required to the health minister and top officials

Dr Venkatesh had taken the matter to the supreme court, Colin Gonsalves had represented him, and the goan government had promised to pay him on time, however no payment was made, leading to the dispute
This again confirms the fact that top goan officials are extremely corrupt and greedy, they do not care for honest professionals and pay them on time , instead blocking payment repeatedly to harass them, cause mental stress, and financial losses.