A Different Learning Environment is Good

When my daughter convinced me to let her take private physics tutoring lessons, we did not agree on the format of this. She wanted someone to come to our home to teach her, but I felt she was missing out if she did it that way. She did not want to be in a class setting like I wanted for her. I had done my research on this before explaining to her why I thought that a group setting physics tuition for Singapore for students was better for her than just a one on one private session.

She argued at first that this would be just like her classroom at school, and that she was not getting very much out of that. After she was done explaining to me why I was wrong, I then gave her my side to the situation. I showed her the website for the tutor who I thought would be the best one for her needs, and she started coming around after watching a couple of the videos on the site. It is not the setting that makes the difference but rather the teacher. That is not to say that her own teacher is not a good one, but she does have a teaching method that my daughter was just not able to relate to very well.

In Mr. Chee’s tutoring classes, he will only do group tutoring. He is of the firm belief that the students need the interaction of the other students as well. That the group effort will spark interest and curiosity, and my daughter told me that is exactly what had happened. They were encouraged from the first session to actively participate, which is something that she was not getting in her class at school. She is going to be just fine now that she has mastered the techniques that Mr. Chee has taught her.