Learning to Make It in the Music Industry

Our son has a musical side to him. It is hard to get him to focus on reading music and learning to play the piano, but he does it as a trade-off to be able to get the infrastructure he needs to make his own music. We are patronizing the arts by helping him create different music. Like we might buy a painting from an artist that is shown in a gallery, we help our son with the money needed for rap beats lease and buying studio equipment. We helped soundproof a room in our finished basement for him to do recording. The room is divided and has a control room and a recording booth.

I never thought that part of our basement would be turned into a recording studio. It looks very nice and we have a lot of money invested in it. It is a passion for our son. He is learning to read music and play the piano too. I should say that he is learning to play the piano in a formal way. He has learned to play the guitar and some other instruments on his own. I see a lot of musical ability in him along with a lot of desire to pursue it as a career. However, I know that just like any other job, you need real skills in order to make it. If you are going to understand and speak music, you need to be able to read it. If you are going to make it, you need to be able to play at least one instrument formally.

The ones who have staying power in the field of music are real professionals. They can speak the language of music and understand it when others speak it. A kid with a computer and some beats software is just a start. To become an industry professional, you need to be able to do a whole lot more.