My Grandparents Love Visiting Me Now

When I first started looking at New Futura, I was just mesmerized by all of it. I knew that I only needed a two bedroom condo there, but I could not help myself from looking at all of the floor plans. The penthouse floor plans are the most amazing I have ever seen. It is definitely out of my price range, but dreaming does not cost anything. The penthouse condos are two levels each, and both have their own private swimming pool along with the most magnificent kitchens possible. The views are also spectacular, but that is not to say that the two bedroom unit I have now is shoddy by any means.

There were two different types of layouts for two bedroom units. They are quite similar, but one has more space in it. The rooms are bigger, and I like the L shape of the unit too since it does give me more of a view of the city. I live on my own but I wanted to have a two bedroom unit since I do have overnight guests a lot. My parents and grandparents come to visit, and they like to stay for more than a day or two.

Sometimes, my grandparents will even stay with me for a few weeks at a time since they are retired. Having a bedroom and a bath just for them is the main reason I wanted a two bedroom unit, and New Futura offers so much for them to do when I am at work. There are swimming pools, a fitness center, walking paths, reading nooks, and so much more for them. They have not been here to stay yet, but I already know they are going to love staying here just as much as I love living here. I’m looking forward to their first visit!